Lilli Pierce and the Big Trip

Welcome to a gathering place inspired by Lilli, our wonderful daughter and finest friend. Lillian Marie Pierce died November 12, 1999, at the age of 14. Now she is on another voyage: non-physical life! At this message board you may post about Lilli and discuss life, death, afterlife, grief, love, friendship, spirituality, and more. We have a public forum, Lilli's Place, that is always visible and available. There are also several members-only forums that become visible if you join. These are: The Council Fire, Oneness Project, Transpersonal Experience, ADC, Dreams and Dreaming, Friends Along the Road - FAR - Bereavement Sanctuary, FAR Circle of Friends, Astral Party!, and Astral Diaries. All of our forums are Friends Along the Road bereavement sanctuaries, and so are safe places in which to grieve on your own terms. If you would like to join any of the members-only forums, please ask in Lilli's Place. Lilli checks in here from time to time so kindly honor her spirit by treating each other with respect. ~ Love, Dave and Judy Pierce

Friends Along the Road - FAR - Website: Sanctuary and caring support for those in grief. Resources available.

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